Meet The Car That's The VW Beetle's Oldest And Most Direct Ancestor

I've written before about Paul Schilperood's remarkable book that makes the case that the VW Beetle was largely developed based on the ideas of the Jewish auto journalist Josef Ganz and not Ferdinand Porsche, as has been commonly thought. Today, I want to look in detail at a key component of this idea: The Standard… » 10/24/14 6:35pm Yesterday 6:35pm

My Dinner With Some Dodge And SRT Engineers

This past week I managed to spend some time with the new lineup of Chargers and the engineers that helped make them. Though they rejected my offers to provide dinner, I did manage to sit down with them for a meal and a series of inane questions, delivered with intensity and a light mist of masticated food. » 10/24/14 10:45am Yesterday 10:45am

Yes, You Can Cook A Frozen Burrito On The Charger Hellcat's Supercharger

Earlier this week I drove some new Chargers, including the bonkers 707 HP Hellcat one. I'm not yet allowed to talk about what the drive was like, but Dodge didn't mention anything about not talking about the cooking. So here's the world's first review of cooking a frozen burrito on the engine of a Hellcat. » 10/23/14 11:56am Thursday 11:56am

Here's A Nice Official Charger SRT Hellcat Burnout For You

Sure, it's a sublime thing to see a really well-executed burnout. The sublimation of tire meat into noise and smoke is a ritual that pleases Velocitor, the Many-Wheeled One, God of Speed. And it's great to see one done by a factory-approved professional, like Dodge provided earlier this week. » 10/23/14 10:35am Thursday 10:35am

Toyota May Have Stolen That BB King Story Used In A Camry Ad

It's funny, when I saw this ad, my first reaction was that it was some seriously cloying made-up horseshit that I wasn't buying. Looks like I may have been dead wrong. There's an accusation that it's some seriously cloying truth. But stolen truth. » 10/22/14 7:35pm Wednesday 7:35pm

I Saw Firsthand How Nuts Airlines Are Getting With Ebola Fear

Yesterday I took a US Airways flight from Raleigh-Durham to Washington, DC to drive some Hellcats. So far so good, right? Across the aisle from me was a woman, from Boston, who was feeling a bit queasy. She asked the flight attendant for some club soda. They responded by trying to kick her off the plane. Any idea why? » 10/20/14 8:54pm Monday 8:54pm

How To Squeeze 830 Miles Out Of One Tank Of Fuel And Remain Sane...ish

I'm not going to lie: I'm pretty delighted that I (and my partner) won Audi's TDI Challenge, where nine Diesel A3s attempted to drive from Albuquerque to San Diego on a single tank of Diesel. Part of why I'm delighted is because winning means it's over, since it was a pretty miserable process. Here's how we did it. » 10/20/14 10:04am Monday 10:04am

Hypermiling Is Awful And I Sort Of Hate It

Today was the first full day — about 373 miles — of the Audi TDI Challenge, which is Audi's perverse idea of fun: driving from Albuquerque to San Diego on one tank of Diesel. We're currently in third place, and I'm not really sure anyone's going to make it. It's hot, tedious, and a little nerve-wracking. Road madness… » 10/16/14 9:00am 10/16/14 9:00am

I'm Trying To Go 834 Miles On One Tank Of Diesel And It's Gonna Suck

I'm not sure I've ever been at a carmaker-run auto event that allows so many opportunities for failure. Usually, they set things up to minimize the chances of really screwing up, to protect both the cars' reputations and the fragile auto-journo egos, but this time they're asking us to get 50% better mileage from their… » 10/15/14 10:04am 10/15/14 10:04am

Did This Online Auction Reveal Preston Tucker's Never-Made Roadster?

Even after Preston Tucker's dreams of building the Tucker 48 died after a lot of questionable accusations and a trial and acquittal from the Securities and Exchange Commission, Tucker couldn't stop dreaming about cars. He had plans for a very novel roadster, and previously unknown images of it may have just shown up. » 10/13/14 8:53pm 10/13/14 8:53pm

PETA Is Pissed At Google For Making A Camel Do A Jeep's Job

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are so very cross with Google for strapping one of their 360° back-packable camera rigs to the back of a camel to get Streetview imagery of Abu Dahbi's Liwa Desert. They think they should have used jeeps or dune buggies. Oh, PETA. » 10/13/14 5:45pm 10/13/14 5:45pm

Why Are Cars Almost Always Symmetrical?

With a very few notable exceptions, cars tend to be bilaterally symmetrical. It's been that way almost since the very beginning. Cars that even attempt to play with this accepted notion tend to get smacked down hard — look at the Nissan Cube. But cars don't have to be so symmetrical — why are they? » 10/13/14 12:20pm 10/13/14 12:20pm

Let's Add Cars To Old Landscape Paintings

I studied Art History in college, and one of the categories of paintings I paid the least attention to were landscapes. Especially big, majestic, beautifully-rendered landscapes from, say the 1700s and 1800s. I respect them, but they never really did it for me. And I think I know why: they have hardly any cars in them. » 10/10/14 7:30pm 10/10/14 7:30pm

Check Out The Jalopnik Line Of Super-Sexy Halloween Carstumes!

Halloween is scant weeks away, which means it's time to start seeing all manner of inane sexificated women's Halloween costumes. Sure, you can be a sexy slice of pizza or a "sultry SWAT officer," but what if you're a gearhead? A sexy gearhead? Well, we're here to help. » 10/10/14 5:00pm 10/10/14 5:00pm