Here's The Sad Fate Of All Of Those Unsold Coda Electric Cars

You know how you've been staying up all night, sick with worry about the fate of all those unsold, unwanted Coda electric sedans? The ones nobody, nowhere wanted to buy, ever and forever? Those? Well, you can relax. The universe's most wildly optimistic company has bought them all, and thinks they can sell them to you. » 11/21/14 12:30pm Friday 12:30pm

Toyota I-Road Concept Looks Both Fun And A Lot Like An Old Benz Concept

I think the most fun concept I saw at the LA Auto Show this year might be this one, the Toyota I-Road. It's another one in the very design-school trend of making little 'personal mobility pods' and crap like that, but this time it's less of a bubble made of hovering unobtanium and more a plausible little trike. » 11/20/14 10:00pm Thursday 10:00pm

You Can Get A Nissan Juke That's Painted Just Like My Beetle!

I did a massive spit-take all over the back of the journalist in front of me when I saw this one. Nissan's making a Juke that's in what I always considered to be my own, personal livery? I asked the spit-upon journalist to pinch me to see if I was dreaming, but the dude just slapped me. » 11/20/14 5:40pm Thursday 5:40pm

The Galpin-Fisker Rocket Is A Badass 725 HP Carbon Fiber Mustang

It's funny, but if you found me the auto show, grabbed my arm, stared into my eyes and told me that I'd see a carbon-fiber Mustang that I'd like, I probably wouldn't have believed you. But you know what? I think you'd have been right, thanks to the Galpin-Fisker Rocket. Now let go of my arm. » 11/20/14 3:38pm Thursday 3:38pm

The Next Prius? What It's Like To Drive Toyota's $57,000 Hydrogen Car

Hydrogen fuel cells are a cool technology that were perfected to enable humans to go to the moon. Now that they're perfected even more, they're enabling humans to go to work or the liquor store, and, incredibly, this is progress. The Toyota Mirai is an example of this remarkable progress. Funny looking, maybe, but it… » 11/20/14 3:20pm Thursday 3:20pm

You'll Probably See Honda HR-Vs All Over The Place So Get Used To It

Recently, Honda seems to have woken up from the torpor that comes along with bloating every car in its lineup and realized that it somehow stopped making genuinely small cars. The Civic ballooned up to Accord size, so they brought over the Fit. Now they realized how big the CR-V has gotten, so they're giving us the… » 11/19/14 9:03pm Wednesday 9:03pm

The Mercedes-Maybach Is The Car God's Dad's Boss Would Ride In

We've known that Mercedes was re-animating the Maybach name for a while now, but this is the first time we've seen the car in the metal-and-cowflesh. And it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect: a bit underwhelming from the outside, remarkable from the inside. Like an M&M full of veal. » 11/19/14 2:55pm Wednesday 2:55pm

Bentley Thinks Their Customers Are Using Old Crappy iPhones

When I'm at the LA Auto show, I always like to really spend some time scrutinizing the details of the hyper-luxury car interiors. What do the verbena-scented fingers of true wealth like to touch? Inside a Bentley Mulsanne I learned one thing: they have shitty old phones. » 11/19/14 1:58pm Wednesday 1:58pm

Everything That's Ridiculous About The EPA's Vehicle Classes In Pictures

You know how the EPA classifies car sizes? It's pretty fantastic, if you're a fan of things that make no rational sense whatsoever, like I am. It's all done based on interior volumes, which on one level is a great idea, and on another level is insane. Here's a few pictures to show what I mean. » 11/18/14 9:30pm Tuesday 9:30pm

I Drove The Earliest Ancestor Of The VW Beetle And It Was Great

I've been sort of obsessed lately with the murky pre-history of the VW Beetle. It's one of the most repeated origin stories in all of motoring, but that basic story has been getting some extensive revisions in recent years. What I really wanted to find was an undisputed ancestor of the Bug, and I did. And then I drove… » 11/18/14 3:30pm Tuesday 3:30pm

What Is A Flat-Plane Crank And Why Is It So Loud? An Explainer

One of the things you may have noticed among all those big, exciting numbers and words we used to talk about the 2015 Shelby GT350 Mustang were these three words: flat-plane crank. Many of you may be wondering just what the hell that means, and why you should give a rat's rectum. Here's what and why. » 11/17/14 3:01pm 11/17/14 3:01pm

How To Sleep In Your Car If You Absolutely Have To

Sleeping in your car used to be something that automakers used to be proud of. Seats that reclined into beds were a major selling point for cars like the Rambler, for example. Now, thanks to anti-homeless laws and a sick desire not to spend a miserable night in a car, hardly anyone still does this. But I thought it… » 11/17/14 12:05pm 11/17/14 12:05pm

Where Should Ken Block Hoon Next?

By now we all know that Ken Block has used his considerable driving and possibly even more considerable logistics and permit-gathering resources to make LA his bonkers-car playground, so the question now is, where next? Personally, I have an idea: the moon. » 11/17/14 11:55am 11/17/14 11:55am